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Anonymous: what does kevinpdevera mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

kevinpdevera is actually my name. It’s Kevin P. Devera. :)

It’s been a really hot week so me and my cousins decided to swim, relax and stay for the night at the Graceland Estates and Country Club. It is a 10-hectare development located along the eco-tourism of Tayabas City, Quezon. It features lots of nature-inspired activities and amenities that will surely amaze the entire family.

Meditation Garden

This is the apartelle we stayed in.

Your family can practice their swinging skills because the country club has its own mini golf course!

There are two big pools inside the resort. The upper and the lower pool. These photos are taken from the upper pool kasi I can’t find any from the lower pool eh.

Behind the upper pool are two huge buildings full of condo units.

At the middle of the lagoon is a mini island with villas where you and your family can eat!

You can also go boating around the lagoon for only 100 bucks!

You can experience zip lining and other challenging obstacles and activities by going to the Adventure Camp part of the club!

To continue your adventure, you can set up your tents by the bonfire at the Campsite!

Love riding bikes? Follow the bike trail around the lagoon!

All of these photos really aren’t mine because my camera’s memory card got corrupted. I just got them so that I can continue blogging about our overnight summer vacation here at the country club.

This is the only photo I have left with my Ninang and other cousins. Poor me. :(

We really had fun even though we only stayed for a night. It feels good taking a break from all the stress of school and other homeworks and stuff!

For other details, contact numbers and reservations please visit their website at

*Photo credits to Angela Rea, Maris Rea,, and others*

We just finished eating lunch so we decided to wait outside the auditorium for our next class. Jekka and I got so bored so we decided to make fool of ourselves using MJ’s Blackberry after playing Temple Run on Dixie’s tablet.

She looks so “bangag”! LOL!
She looks a lot like Kathryn Bernardo
She’s definitely messing with my phone!!!!!
Lookin’ OLD.
Mikay and Dasho Jao (HAHAHAHA Kiddin’!)

PIRANHA 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, definitely bored.

We both ended up cleaning the leaves in front of the auditorium. We’re both crazy yesterday! Hahahaha! On our way home, we stopped over to eat at Dixie’s Tapsilogan then I accompanied her going home. =)

Last Friday, I accompanied my cousin, Krissa, together with her fam and our other cousins to her Cosplay event at the SM City Lucena. It was her first time so she was sorta bothered on what to do but the good thing is, she did pretty well and looked awesome with her costume!

Lookin' cool!

Everyone! Meet Yuki Cross! She hates vampires (in case you don’t know her character. I don’t know the character either because the only anime shows I watch is Doraemon, Mojacko and Dragon Ball Z. LOL.)

Lookin’ cool huh. She does look like an anime.


with our cousin Angela


Do you have any idea who the other characters are? The only one I know is the girl in white, Lili, from Tekken.

I wasn’t able to finish the entire program because my friends way back in high school friends called me to meet up with them. We barely see each other due to our crazy schedules and our schools are way far from each other that’s why once in a while we try to keep in touch and meet so that we can catch up with each other.

Red: Me ( MOONFACE as usual. :|), Blue: Trizza, Yellow: Noime and Green: Alyssa

They say that the greatest friends are the ones who are honest and accepts every single fact in your life. Well, I guess it’s true. We’ve been friends for 5 years already and still, our attachment to each other is as tight as a mountain. The secrets we keep are still kept until now. The moments we’ve share remains inside our hearts until now. 

I treasure these friends of mine like family because as Lilo and Stitch said "Family means nobody is left behind or forgotten." I love you guys!

(Credits to Krissa Arceta and Noime Ayuma for the photos)

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  • Anorexia: Don't eat, you'll just get fat. Cause that's what you are- fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat
  • Binge: Come on, you deserve the ice cream and candy bars. It will make you feel better.
  • Bulimia: Why the heck did you do that!? You don't want that sitting in your body. Not even a month of restricting can make up for that. Throw it up you wuss!
  • Self Harm: You suck so much. You'll never recover. You'll never get better. Here's a razor, you'll feel better.
  • Suicide: Everyone hates you. No one would care. It will never get better. Here's some pills, the pain will disappear.
  • Recovery: You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are strong. You are wonderful. You will recover. You will get better. You are loved. So many care. Things will get better.
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